BrassClass is a music method written and designed by Hans Blok. The method is available for most brass instruments and is published by Norske Musikkforlagene. BrassClass guides the student through a series of four books (A, B, C and D) from the very first notes to a (semi) professional musician. Each book consists of 30 capitals that provide the student with:Voorkanten

  • Warm-up exercises
  • Technical and melodical etudes
  • Rhythm exercises
  • Duets
  • Immitation exercises
  • Solo pieces accompanied with soundtracks in various genres
  • Music theory and solfège exercises

The theoretical aspects of understanding music will be explained along as the student progresses and extends his repertoire. In addition BrassClass comes with plenty of handy tips, brief biographies of composers and composition exercises.

The soundtracks for accompaniment can be downloaded on this website for free, including 25 additional melodical etudes and 75 rhythmical exercises.